A unique international project,
uniting innovation of blockchain
platforms and investment potential
of the contemporary art market.

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TILCOIN – is an opportunity to invest in modern art on technologies of the XXI century

Every Art Object purchased with the project TILCOIN undergoes obligatory expert authentication and evaluation.

A certified digital copy of each art object is divided into virtual fragments. The rights to each fragment are fixed by issuing of the electronic certificates - utility tokens. The value of the utility token is pegged to the US dollar. Thus, each participant of the TILCOIN project gets an opportunity to invest in works of contemporary art.

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of the Art Object’s digital fragments remains in the property of the project TILCION, serves as an asset to material secure of the issuance of the crypto asset TLC.


of the Art Object’s digital fragments intended for a sale for utilitarian tokens. The quantity and the size of the fragments are determined by the value of Art Object and the exchange rates.

Smart-contract based on the Ethereum blockchain

Every operation with the fragments of the Art Objects is secured by a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain. It reflects the entire chain of transactions, the ownership, the value and the authenticity of the Art Object.

What does the smart contract give?
Crypto asset TLC – a new tool for private collectors
TILCOIN – is the first blockchain platform of modern art connoisseurs in the world

On March 23, 2018, the seriography of Pyotr Lizunov's "Airplane" was virtually divided into numbered 86 400 squares with a side of 50 mm, each of which was put up for the sale. One virtual square cost one token.

On March 23, 2018, the seriography of Pyotr Lizunov's "Airplane" was virtually divided into numbered 86 400 squares with a side of 50 mm, each of which was put up for the sale. One virtual square cost one token.
The collection of Tilcoin’s Art objects is constantly being added
Now the collection contains the following canvases of Russian artists:
TILCOIN – is the only cryptocurrency provided with the works of art, antiques, and other assets, owned by the project.
The TLC tokens were emitted on the Etherium platform (standard ERC-20). 50,000,000 TLC tokens are generated in a test environment.
What is the Blockchain?
A blockchain (originally block chain) - a continuous sequential chain of blocks (linked list), built up by certain rules, containing information. Very often, copies of the chains of blocks are stored separately on a variety of different computers. With the help of blockchain technology, all data about buying and selling are fixed and checked by all participants of the transaction. Outsiders will not be able to get the information about your purchases, and co-owners of pictures are protected from any fraudulent activities.
What is a Smart contract?
Smart contract - an electronic algorithm or condition, in fulfilling the conditions the parties can exchange money, real estate, stock and other assets. To implement a smart contract, it is necessary to have a decentralized network, where all participants have equal rights. As a financial instrument is used crypto currency. A smart contract provides 100% reliability to all transactions.
What is token?
Token - an internal unit (asset), which is a software product (digital resource) created as evidence of the membership of their owners in the program, confirmation of ownership and other significant things.
What is ICO and Pre-ICO?
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - the implementation (provision) of Tilcoin Tokens users before the full operation of all internet resource services in order to attract resources to promote the internet resource under certain conditions, in other words, the release of a project of tokens intended for payment of site services in future - in the form of a crypto currency. Pre-ICO or crowdfunding - this is what is happening in the Tilcoin project - a preliminary sale of tokens, which allows entrepreneurs to raise funds before the official ICO. We forecast an increase in the value of TLC after its entering an exchange.
What will happen to the paintings that were bought?
We plan to set up a TILCOIN Gallery in Moscow, that the project participants and any interested person will be able to visit. In the gallery, besides the exhibition of the works included in the collection, we plan to arrange master classes in painting, lectures on art, organize personal exhibitions of other artists and other events. We also plan to exhibit our artworks on the international exhibitions.
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