About the Company

Divide and share - the nexus between art and modern technology.

The art world just reached a new level of complexity, becoming even more multi-faceted and attractive. Who can go a day without hearing about "blockchain" and "cryptocurrency"? Thanks to TILCOIN, there is a new way to engage with the fascinating and magical world of the beautiful and the sublime, that can also open doors into art, culture and financial success!

The unique opportunity that we offer you is the chance to take part in uploading a work of art into the blockchain dimension. We split a virtual image into numbered squares of 5mm x 5mm, and offer you the chance to purchase a virtual share of the artwork, becoming a digital co-owner. Just imagine how exciting this could be: after buying, for example, the wing of a butterfly, you would naturally want to collect the whole puzzle, and own the whole creature!

When you buy a piece of a picture, you are joining the TILCOIN project, where you will be invited to attend masterclasses, to visit virtual and physical exhibitions and galleries, and to expand your art investments. Our tokens feature a buyback option, meaning that these works of art can also be resold.

Following your purchase, you will be sent a token confirming your fractional ownership. You can print a copy, even frame it and hang it in your home, or decorate your desk to please the eye. Or, if you are looking for a novel birthday gift, you could hardly find a better present.

We are also planning to go public in the nearest future, by registering our cryptocurrency with the name TLC / TILCOIN. This will mean that anyone who buys a token, in addition to confirmation of their ownership of a virtual part of a picture, will later receive an exchange product: a TILCOIN, traded on the cryptocurrency exchange, that can be sold at the exchange rate. Our project is not just one painting, but a collection of masterpieces from around the world, that are our property. Welcome to TILCOIN, our unique project that merges art and finance, that will unite a pool of collectors with varied backgrounds-both art connoisseurs and newcomers to the art world. Now, if you want to explore the world of art, you just have one step to take. We hope to help you realize your creative potential; we want to see you finding your own identity as an appreciator of art, forming your own preferences and views, in line with your unique, personal aesthetics. Of course, we look forward to seeing you expanding intellectually and spiritually, but in financial terms, too! Let us show you the way!