Project team


Founder, CEO/CFO

МВА (Switzerland), educated in economics in Zurich, Switzerland, and also received higher education in the humanities in Russia. Her work experience in the private banking sector and finances in Switzerland spans more than 10 years. Founder and president of the Swiss charitable foundation ‘Education for the Future’. A private collector of antiques, as well as modern and classical art.


Head of Strategic Projects Department

Graduated from school with full honors. Received two higher education diplomas in law and practical psychology/psychoanalysis at leading Russian universities and earned the coveted ‘Red Diploma’. A practicing psychologist. As an investor, successfully completed elite residential projects in Moscow and Moscow Oblast. Founder and owner of the Sfera-Systems company, which has been successfully implementing IT projects for many years. Vice President of Sport-City, which implements sports facilities construction projects.


Art Expert

Artist, educator, art therapist, curator of exhibition projects, member of the St. Petersburg Creative Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, and member of the Russian Art Therapy Association. Founder and director of Open Studio, a creativity workshop. Founded the Laval art agency to provide professional assistance to artists and collectors, organizing Russian and foreign exhibitions in Russia and abroad, involved in publishing activity to compile catalogues, albums, and booklets, to help conduct art expert and forensic consultations during the formation of private collections, and also consultations on preserving and exhibiting works of art.


Cybersecurity Advisor

Degrees of B.A. Business Administration at Newport University, USA and M.A. Business Management at the Russian State Technological University (MATI). Held senior positions at various media resources of Israel, Ukraine and Russia, including the Israeli office of Video International as well as an Israeli energy corporation. Cybersecurity expert and blockchain enthusiast since 2006.