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What is the Blockchain?

A blockchain (originally block chain) - a continuous sequential chain of blocks (linked list), built up by certain rules, containing information. Very often, copies of the chains of blocks are stored separately on a variety of different computers. With the help of blockchain technology, all data about buying and selling are fixed and checked by all participants of the transaction. Outsiders will not be able to get the information about your purchases, and co-owners of pictures are protected from any fraudulent activities.

What is a Smart contract?

Smart contract - an electronic algorithm or condition, in fulfilling the conditions the parties can exchange money, real estate, stock and other assets. To implement a smart contract, it is necessary to have a decentralized network, where all participants have equal rights. As a financial instrument is used crypto currency. A smart contract provides 100% reliability to all transactions.

What is token?

Token - an internal unit (asset), which is a software product (digital resource) created as evidence of the membership of their owners in the program, confirmation of ownership and other significant things.

How many tokens will be issued?

1,500,000 tokens will be issued on the stage of Pre-sale ICO.
In the near future on the site we will post a video course about crypto currency how to open a crypto-purse and put their TLC coin. We will also post the introductory course, and how to work on crypto-exchange.

Will the price of the token depend on the price of the picture or will it be more orientated on the demand on the exchange?

The price of the token will depend on the entire range of functions of the TILCOIN platform: the cost of the paintings that will be bought by the gallery; the creation of the first world's center of digital art; the events that will be held for the members of the elite club TILCOIN, etc. and, in particular, on the economic situation in the world.

What kind of paintings are sold for the tokens? Who owns these artworks and where are they kept? Do they have certificates? What is the cost of these paintings? Is there the confirmation of the value by an appraiser?

To decide what artworks and authors will be included in the TILCOIN gallery, the company set up a special Expert Council headed by Anaida Schneider. We plan to collect a full collection of Russian art, which will be welcomed in any art gallery or museum. The collection will include the works of famous masters working in such artistic trends as non-conformism, abstractionism, surrealism, cubism, symbolism, impressionism, modernism and primitivism.
All the pictures, which seriography fragments you can buy for the tokens, belong to the company. They are the part of TILCOIN gallery and at the moment they are situated in the office of the company. There is a certificate confirming the authenticity of every picture. The cost of paintings is a commercial secret and is not subject to disclosure. We draw your attention that by investing money in the acquisition of the seriography of the artwork fragment, you, first of all, buy tokens that will be transferred to your crypto-purse) after the TILCOIN (TLC coin) is released on the stock exchange. We draw your attention that by investing money in the acquisition of the seriography of the artwork fragment, you, first of all, buy tokens that will be transferred to your crypto-purse) before the TILCOIN (TLC coin) is released on the stock exchange. 1 token is equal to 1 TLC as a presale offer of coin. We plan to have a primary listing on exchange by end of 2018 - beginning 2019.

How is it determined which tokens correspond to a concreate fragment of the picture? What documents confirm the fact?

Participants of Tilcoin project are owners of tokens, each token is tied to a numbered fragment of each work. The purchase of each token is fixed by a smart contract and all the information about this token is recorded on the "Eferium" blockchain, the main feature of this blockchain is the invariability of the information entered. A smart contract will be reflected in your personal account in the near future.

How will the increase in the cost of the token correlate with the real value of the picture?

The cost of the token should not directly depend on the cost of the picture’s fragment that you bought.

How can the Gallery put up for the sale at auction the picture that belongs to the owners of the tokens without their consent? (P. 7.1 White paper)

All the pictures are the property of the company. The decision on the sale of paintings included in the collection of Tilcoin, is taken by the Expert Council and the founders of the company. Despite this, when selling a painting at an auction, all abstract owners of virtual fragments will receive from the company at their own expense pleasant bonuses in TLC.

What will happen to the paintings that were bought?

We plan to set up a TILCOIN Gallery, that the project participants and any interested person will be able to visit. In the gallery, besides the exhibition of the works included in the collection, we plan to arrange master classes in painting, lectures on art, organize personal exhibitions of other artists and other events. We also plan to exhibit our artworks on the international exhibitions.

What is ICO and Pre-ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) - the implementation (provision) of Tilcoin Tokens users before the full operation of all internet resource services in order to attract resources to promote the internet resource under certain conditions, in other words, the release of a project of tokens intended for payment of site services in future - in the form of a crypto currency.
Pre-ICO or crowdfunding - this is what is happening in the Tilcoin project - a preliminary sale of tokens, which allows entrepreneurs to raise funds before the official ICO. We forecast an increase in the value of TLC after its entering an exchange.

What will the value of your crypto currency depend on?

The value of any crypto currency is based on the investment attractiveness of the project, on the basis of which it was created. The Tilcoin project is based on a collection of art works and antiques. While central banks practice negative interest rates that destroy savings. The art market demonstrates increase in turnover in the contemporary art segment by 1,370% over 16 years, and their average value for the same period increased by 115%, that gives an average annual income of 5 to 9%.
In addition, the information base of the largest museums, galleries and artists of Russia and the countries of the former USSR will be created on the Tilcoin platform. Master classes on painting, lectures on art, online excursions to museums, etc. will be published on our site. All of these are directed not only towards the spiritual and creative development of the Tilcoin community, but will also raise the cost of TLC's crypto currency. After the entering of the Tilcoin-coin on the exchange, it can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Etherium.

Crypto currency is very volatile. Can TILCOIN fall in value after its entring on the stock exchange?

The volatility of any crypto currency depends on the number of big investors who keeps a large part of this crypto currency in their crypto-wallet. We specially attracted special marketing at the beginning of the project, so that the largest possible number of people own a relatively small number of tokens, thereby to prevent dishonest investors from bringing down the value of TLC.

What is a seriography of a picture?

The seriography of the picture is a copy, which is obtained with the help of a digital matrix, based on the latest technologies. We divided the seriography of the picture into numbered fragments. Buying a fragment of the picture, you get Tilcoin tokens.

What should I do if I typed incorrectly the login-password bundle? Can they block the entrance to my account for me?

No, they cannot. There is no limit on the number of entries in the fields "Login" and "Password". If you forget the data, you can easily restore them by filling out the form "Forgot your password?".

Why does the company deduct 13% and 30% (for non-residents) of the personal income tax when funds are withdrawn?

Our company is a tax agent in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
A tax agent is an organization that is obliged by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation to calculate and transfer to the budget a tax not for itself, but for another taxpayer - another organization or an individual. It means that tax agents are legal intermediaries between taxpayers and fiscal authorities in the field of collection and transfer of taxes (Clause 1, Article 226 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, Clause 1, Article 24 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).
A tax rate is set at 30% for all incomes received by individuals who are not tax residents of the Russian Federation (clause 3 of Article 224 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

Why has the company reject the previous marketing plan?

The previous marketing plan was the first “pre-sale” stage. Having achieved result sought on the first stage and guided by the final purposes of the project, the company will use a new marketing strategy. Follow the news of the project on our site and social media