Instruction how to manage tokens in crypto wallet

Dear partners, the tokens has already been integrated into crypto wallets!
Users who send us the data of crypto wallet as well as those who specified the address of crypto wallet in the private account of our site until 13.12.2018 could check everything  using the site :
1. Specify the address of  your crypto wallet in Search Box
2. Go to "Tokens (";
3. Go to the section "Transaction History".
Here is the instruction how to manage tokens in crypto wallet:
You can manage Ethereum-wallet using different applications. The most popular is a plugin for browser MetaMask and site
1. Getting started with Ethereum wallet. 
- MetaMask: put your account number- Specify the private key data- import
- MyEtherWallet: Send Ether & Tokens - Private Key- Unlock
2. Getting started a track of TLC Tokens on the balance sheet
- MetaMask: Add Token - Custom token 
- MyEtherWallet: Token Balances - Add custom token
3. Specify the data of the Token’s contract:
Token Contract Address: 0xec6197467c356339a422c9d89ac1363fd0de9b6b
Token Symbol: TLC
Decimals: 8

TLC-Tokens will be displayed on the balance sheet of downloaded TLC crypto wallet (please be aware that tokens and ETH are not the same thing on the balance sheet of your crypto wallet!).  You can transfer your Tokens to any other Ethereum crypto wallet. However you should have a small amount on your balance sheet to pay fees to cover commission for transaction (0,002-0,004 ETH, it depends on Ethereum network traffic).