Restoring the access to the account

Dear partners!
During the integration process of tokens into crypto wallets, there appeared the problem of restoring access to crypto wallet, password recovery to enter your personal account or login and the cases of using unregistered e-mails became more frequent.
In order to prevent possible misconduct aimed at obtaining personal information, as well as data of crypto wallets from third parties, in case of such need for restoring access you are kindly requested to confirm the right to your private account by submitting the following documents:
 1) passport data of the person who opened the account;
 2) the photo of passport next to the face;
 3) telephone number;
 4) a description of the situation.
 An application form with the above listed information should be sent to the technical support department at 
After verifying data, if it is confirmed, access to the personal account will be restored, otherwise these actions will be regarded as illegal!
Please note that technical support serves the requests on a first-come, first-served basis!
Please also note that the data for authorization on our website (that is, login and password) are personal and are not transferable to third parties.  Their safety and confidentiality are the responsibility of the user.  The company is not responsible for the security of your personal data, including the tokens on your internal crypto wallet, in the event that you voluntarily transferred such data to third parties.
 TILCOIN sincerely thanks you for participating in our project.