TLC tokens to cryptocurrency wallets – new sending procedure

Dear investors,

For safety reasons and to ensure security of your personal data (including TLC tokens on your internal wallet in your account) TILCOIN introduced a new procedure of sending of tokens to cryptocurrency wallets.

The previous procedure that implies a letter to us with your personal data (family name/name/patronymic, login and address of a cryptocurrency wallet) is cancelled. We kindly ask you not to send such letters to us anymore.

We have developed a mechanism, that allows only authorized users to indicate the address of their cryptocurrency wallets solely by themselves. The users, that have passed the KYC procedure or specified all required data in their profile, will be entitled to specify the data of their cryptocurrency wallet (i.e. its address).

As soon as you specify the address of your wallet, it will be automatically verified for compatibility with the Ethereum network (i.e. its suitability to accept our ERC-20 tokens).

• We are able to perform automatic verification of a cryptocurrency wallet only for the possibility of its existence in the Ethereum network;
• We are not able to check whether a cryptocurrency wallet really exists. ERC-20 tokens can be sent to any Ethereum-based wallet with the 42-digits’ address, even if it has not been created yet;

• We are not able to check who is the real owner of a cryptocurrency wallet; we cannot confirm whether it belongs to the owner himself, or any type of exchange or e-payment system;

• We can guarantee that the users will be able to use their TLC tokens only if they use our guidelines ( to create their cryptocurrency wallets and store their private keys in a safe location.

In addition to this news all our users will receive a letter with the request to authorize (i.e. to enter their accounts using a login and a password) at our website and specify the address of their cryptocurrency wallet after logging in. A visible example of a form showing how to register a cryptocurrency wallet will be attached to the letter.

Please bear in mind that the data, used to authorize at our website (i.e. login and password), is personal and shall not be transferred to any third parties. Safety and non-disclosure of such data is a sole responsibility of the user. TILCOIN shall not be responsible for safety of your personal data, including tokens on your internal wallet, if you have voluntarily transferred such data to any third parties.

TILCOIN thanks you sincerely for your participation in the project.