Petr Lizunov

The famous Moscow artist whose name is familiar to many art connoisseurs from the 90s of the last century.

Petr Viktorovich Lizunov was born in 1976 in the city of Tver. 
He graduated from the Tver Art College of A. Venetsianov, the specialty- painting, and the Moscow State technology and Management University, specialty - the designer of information products and services. 
He participated in various exhibitions. Mainly he works like a painter, preferring oil as the best technique for expressing impressions. Lives and works in Moscow. 

Petr Lizunov organizes seminars on modern art, involved in teaching activities and takes part in charity work. The artist is a co-founder of Public Foundation for the Support of Artists.

The artist collaborates with architectural firms in France and the Netherlands. He is a member of the Artists’ Union. 

Peter Lizunov’s paintings are in private collections in Russia, the United States, Western European countries.

The paintings of the artist have their own unique style, which is infinitely recognizable among the works of other artists. The main in his work - is love and kindness to the world around us. The work of the artist have a deep philosophical meaning. They are distinguished by the excellent form and the technique. The author masterfully connects techniques for creating of the decorative color surface and figuratively-spatial reality.

The artist who thinks philosophically is worth a lot. But doubly valuable if he is also an undoubted master of painting. He seemed to create the beauty of the world in front of a viewer, creating the effect of presence.

The extraordinary beauty of the colors, the harmony of paints gives an exciting and unique charm to the paintings of Peter Lizunov. Works of the artist have a special emotional charge, attract the integrity of vision and love of the world around.

The images created by the artist, live by themselves - for them there are no historical and temporal borders, their creation is a mystery.

Fantastic spaces of ancient cities, carnival processions and magical mysteries of forgotten gods sometimes only slightly appear through the haze of the picturesque sfumato, reminding old frescoes of abandoned temples. It is a rhythm and dance, music and color, fused in a single exposition space.

Petr Lizunov is the artist with a magnificent creative manner and mature outlook, because behind each work of the author there is a solid cultural base, high professionalism, the ability to create pictures, interesting to the viewer.

This approach enables to remain relevant and interesting for the viewer in the context of the processes of contemporary artistic life.

Petr Lizunov is a regular participant of many different Russian and international exhibitions.

Art Expo, New York, March, 2011 —
Contemporary Art Fair, New York, November, 2011 —
Art Miami, Miami, December, 2011 —
Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles, January, 2012 —
Art Expo, New York, March, 2011—

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