Sergeyev Sergey

Sergeyev Sergey Nikolayevich – is a member of the Artists Union of Russia and the International Federation of Artists of Russia (IFA). Lives and works in St. Petersburg and Annemasse (France).

He was born in 1953 in Leningrad. In 1973 he graduated from the department of theater decorators of the Serov’s Art College. Since 1975 he has been participating in non-conformism movement and organized the group "Alipiy". In 1981 he organized and participated in all the exhibitions of the Association of Experimental Fine Art.

In the early 80s, Sergeyev created a bright line of still-life paintings, landscapes in the style of “new romanticism”, he painted a series of portraits of artists and friends.

In the mid-80's he worked in the style of the “New Wave”, exhibited with a group of “New Artists”. Sergei Sergeyev wrote: ““The” New Wave “had a strong influence on me. Music. Painting. Cinema. Life literally "blossomed" after kitchen conversations of the 70s. Rock Club, Mayakovsky's Friends Club ... It's fun, bright and in everything - nothing from the past, the old! ".

In the early 90's he returned to a tempera painting, making a big series called "Gray Petersburg". "The series started in the late 70's and was conceived as a city landscapes without specific, recognizable places, houses and bridges. Just the spirit of the outgoing city - gray, dented and stunningly beautiful! ", - S. Sergeev noted. Without painting any specific location, he was trying to find a certain Petersburg mood. Trying to reflect the spirit of the city, he combined still lifes with the city scape.

In the mid-90s, under the influence of the works of Professor V.P. Samokhvalov, the artist began a large series of works under the general name “Palimpsest.” "The image of a palimpsest is created by numerous “stratums” of thought-images, thereby creating a new cut of various forms and states. This is a long process when accumulated impressions, which change, overlapping each other, and remain in a state of change and continuation. The stop shows only a temporary cut”, - Sergey Sergeyev emphasized.

In the 2000s, he continued to develop the theme of palimpsests, engaged in abstract and figurative art. Developed a unique technique of painting on metal, produces a series of copyright prints. In   the artist's works there is a lot of symbolism - from early Christian and runic signs, to modern graffiti, which goes to the construction of CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”).

In 2016 Sergeyev arranged the exhibition “CAPTCHA” in the Museum of City Sculpture of St. Petersburg. According to the author: “The project “CAPTCHA” is devoted to fixing changes in perception of the surrounding world by contemporaries who forgot how to understand the image and take pleasure of contemplation. Only human being is capable of contemplating - a machine is only capable of calculating ".

The works of the artist are in the collections of: 

·       The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg;

·       The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg;

·       The St.Petersburg city History museum , St. Petersburg;

·       The Art Museum, Sevastopol;

·       The Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey;

·       The museum of Non-conformist Art, St. Petersburg;

·       The Kolodzei Art Foundation, The USA;

·       The Sandretto Art Foudation, Italy;

·       The Sergey Kuryokhin Center of Modern Art, St.Petersburg;

·       The Art club «D137». St.Petersburg;

·       In private collections of Helen Mirren and Teylor Hackford, The USA.


Works of the artist: