Club Program

Our TILCOIN project welcomes all art-lovers and everyone who wants to explore the world of modern technologies!

The art and antiques market combine the conservative values and the possibility of conserving and accumulating your own capital.

The art and antiques market combine the conservative values and the possibility of conserving and accumulating your own capital.

On the one hand, after repeated economic crises the demand for artworks and antiques has grown steadily. On the other hand, many art owners who were trying to sell their art objects found out these were fake, and their resale value was actually a mere fraction of the sum they initially invested. We know how to invest in art without such risks.

The company TILCOIN offers you something simply incredible!

The main idea of our project is to democratize art and invest money with the help of modern technologies!
In 2018 we changed the art market. Now you can plunge into the world of beauty with minimal investments. We use the blockchain technology to make co-ownership possible for you.

Now everyone can invest in art, even if you have never used the blockchain technology, smart contracts or tokens.

The fragment of serigraphy that you buy will be highly-protected by a smart contract. We combined the investment attractiveness and maximum security. Moreover, we can help you monetize your connections.

We have a whole collection of artworks, so we can offer you an amazing variety! All these artworks will be available for observation during the events that we will be advertising in advance.

Within our project, we have created an Exchange analog, where everyone can either purchase the fragment of artwork that they personally prefer or put it up for sale. The paintings themselves, whose serigraphy you will co-own can also be put up for auction, and once they are sold, everyone will receive their rightful share of the generated profits.

We built a decentralized registry of art and antiques co-owners, which also includes all the members of the TILCOIN project. The initial price for one token (the fragment of a painting) on the Crowdsale stage was 30 nominal units.

The authenticity of all paintings and antiques is verified by independent expert communities. All the information about art objects is available in a user-friendly online account, where all the provenance data of the artwork (information about the artist, ownership history, previous exhibitions, expert opinions, etc.), and also a record of all its transactions are saved.

You can choose the way to cooperate with us: from a single, one-time purchase of a fragment of a painting, to acquiring parts of several different paintings, solid investments with minimal cost. Even if you have never invested in this kind of projects, we recommend you to try it. It is fascinating to join both the world of art and the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency!

It is important that your property remains your property. And only you can completely dispose of it including collecting fragments of paintings, donating, reselling, passing the legacy of an artwork piece or saving it as a guarantee of your bright future.

And that's not all! The TILCOIN company constantly pleases its customers with interesting news, projects and ideas.