Partnership Program

Welcome to our project for art-lovers and those curious about the world of modern technology!

The art and antiques market combine the stability of traditional values and the possibility of preserving and multiplying your capital.

After repeated economic crises, the demand for works of art and antiques has seen steady growth. However, each financial crisis has found waves of unfortunate art owners attempting to sell their acquisitions, only to find that the art they purchased in boom times was fake, and the resale value is a mere fraction of the purchase price. You may be unaware of a recent story that reached us from Switzerland:

On his birthday, a Swiss businessman wrote that he planned to sell a Picasso painting in parts. The price of a single fragment (and, therefore, the price of one share in the painting up for sale) was 50 Swiss Francs. And so, one small painting, a portrait of a moustachioed musketeer, was virtually divided into 40,000 pieces.

This could appear mind-boggling to some; after all, who would want to own one forty-thousandth part of a musketeer? But that genius Swiss businessman knew his market: the demand was so immense that would-be buyers of just a part of the Picasso painting had to enter a lottery, and not everyone was lucky enough to win a nominal fragment of the coveted painting. The offer was available for just 48 hours. The sale became one of the biggest events in certain internet communities.

What did the 40,000 owners of the painting receive? First, all the shareowners will be invited to free viewings in museums nearest to their homes, as the painting makes its way around a tour of Swiss museums. Second, their names will be listed as co-owners.

Congratulations to all of us!

But we went even further! TILCOIN is offering you something absolutely incredible!

But we went even further! TILCOIN is offering you something absolutely incredible!

TILCOIN is fulfilling the main mission behind our project: to democratize art and invest money through modern technology!

This year we started to change the art and antiques market and, thanks to our work, you can afford to dive into the wonderful world of art with just a minimal initial investment.

We use blockchain technology to make co-ownership a tangible possibility for you.

Now, anyone can invest in art. Even if you have never encountered cryptocurrency or blockchain, our platform makes it easy and simple.

The fragment of art that you buy will be highly-protected by a 'smart contract' that will boost both the investment attractiveness and maintain maximum security. Moreover, we can help you monetize your connections! We plan to amass a great collection of artworks, each of which will remain available to be admired-and owned-by all. Of course, we would not stop at selling just one work of art: you will be offered a stunning, broad selection! All these works will be available for viewing during events that we will advertise to you in advance.

Within our project, we will build an exchange, where anyone can shop for the fragments of artworks that appeal to them personally, or offer up for sale fractions of works bought previously. The paintings themselves-of which you will be a co-owner-can also be put up for auction, and when they are sold, everyone receives their rightful share of the profits.

As a part of the TILCOIN project, we are building a decentralized registry of co-owners of art and antiques, to also include all the members of the TILCOIN project, where the initial virtual investment into a fraction of an artwork will be just 30 nominal units for one token.

The authenticity of all paintings and antiques will be verified by a decentralized community of experts. All the information about them will be available through a convenient online account, which will list all the provenance data for the artwork (information about the artist, ownership history, past exhibitions, expert opinions, etc.), and include a record of all your transactions.

Our company well help you to independently decide how you wish to cooperate with us: this could be a single, one-time purchase of a fragment of a painting, or you may wish to acquire parts of several different paintings. Perhaps your aim is to invest a tidy sum into art, or you wish to make just a minimal investment. But even if you have never invested in projects of this kind, we recommend that you try. It is fascinating to join both the world of art and the world of cryptocurrency! But one thing is important here: what you own will remain your property, and only you will have the full rights to dispose of it as you wish: you can sell, leave it to your children and grandchildren, keep it as a nest-egg for future prosperity, collect more parts of a painting, transfer these fragments of art as gifts, and much more.

But there is more! TILCOIN promises to keep customers abreast of interesting news, and regularly announce our new projects and ideas!